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Karinalane, Parenting coach

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Had enough of parenting stress discipline drama? Looking to bring in more family happiness, harmony and calm? 

As your parenting coach, I can take from where you are now, to where you want to be. You can even get started right now, for FREE. Hit the button below to access my 3 simple steps to easier discipline masterclass. Ready for change?

Experienced, qualified & realistic guidance

  • Psychology Graduate
  • Tuning Into Kids Facilitator
  • Circle of Security Facilitator
  • Certified Parenting & Relationship Coach
  • Certified NLP and Matrix Therapies Practitioner
  • Mum of Four
  • Motherhood groundhog day

    When you're stuck in a motherhood rut, everything feels much harder than it needs to be. You're more likely to feel irritable and emotional, and may find yourself snapping at the kids or quick to raise your voice. The kids' behaviour gets more challenging because they bounce off you. Maybe you go to bed feeling guilty for shouting at them or not giving them your best. Then you wake up, full of good intentions but find yourself repeating the whole thing again. Crazy-making, right? It's like you're stuck in some sort of motherhood groundhog day. 

    If nothing changes, nothing changes

    The thing with groundhog days is that they're doomed to keep repeating themselves unless you make a decision to change things up. And if you're serious about getting some positive results for you and your family, a coach can make this happen for you, fast. 

    As your parenting coach, I'm here to understand your parenting goals and give you a plan for reaching them. You come up with the vision, I'll give you the tools, strategies and support for making it happen, fast. 


    What mums say

    Cassandra Vernon

    NSW mum

    Since joining Karina I've been able to realise I'm not alone in my battle to parent my children. I had no patience and was wondering why everything was so difficult all the time. Karina's presence and voice seems to calm me and help me keep on track.

    Pauline musitano

    NSW mum

    I felt like I was on an emotional roller coaster, so overwhelmed, if I wasn't yelling & screaming I was crying. 

    Then I found Karina. She is amazing, so kind, and understanding. The tools she gave me helped show me how to be the Mum I wanted to be.

    Free Resources

    7 Secrets To Getting Your Child To REALLY Listen...

    7 Secrets To Getting Your Child To REALLY Listen...

    7 Secrets To Getting Your Child To REALLY Listen...

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