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Discover the secret to parenting smarter, not harder. 

Karina Lane is a parenting educator, psychology graduate and certified parenting coach. She is the founder and CEO of Karina Lane Parenting Coach, and creator of The Chilled Parents Collective, a powerful parenting & mindset coaching program for mums, dads and caregivers. 

Karina Lane

As a mum of four primary school-aged children, Karina is the first to admit that raising children can be tough work.  But among all the chaos, overwhelm and noise of family life, she knows the secrets to raising happy, healthy kids – and staying sane and resilient along the way. 

For Karina, it’s  all about reducing parenting stress and enhancing the magic.

Because that’s what it should be about, don’t you think?

The magic?

After all, that's why most of us got into motherhood in the first place: for the sheer magic and perfection of meeting our babies and watching them grow.  

But it doesn't stay quite as straight forward as that, does it? 

Parenting life is full of challenges, but when life gets on top, the job you have of raising raising secure, resilient, and happy children can be an overwhelming one.  And if you’ve ever spent a day wrangling emotional meltdowns and non-stop boundary testing, you’ve probably found yourself wondering, ‘Is it meant to be this hard?’

The truth is, parenting isn't meant to be an easy ride. But there are many ways to make life as a mum easier, happier and more fulfilling. And when you're doing better, your kids are going to benefit too.  

Using The Chilled Parents Collective formula, Karina will help you recharge your mindset, level-up your parenting strategies and revitalise your wellbeing. Along the way, you'll discover more energy and vitality, more happiness and better problem-solving skills. Your relationship with your children will deepen and you'll feel more equipped to manage big emotions and behaviour. 

The outcome? A happy, healthy child, harmonious family life and reinstated calm for you!


Karina’s experience includes working with inmates in British and Australian prisons, as well as in supervised hostels in the community, facilitating behavioural change groups as well as 1-1 work with offenders. This work provided great insight into the impact of early life experience and parent-infant attachment on child development, and led Karina to become interested in the early parenting field.

After having her own children, Karina retrained in early parenting and became certified as a Parenting Coach. She is an advocate for helping parents to raise emotionally healthy children, and enhance their special relationship along the way. She is passionate about normalising feelings and  giving children their voice to express their emotions, no matter how old the child.

But most of all, Karina understands the importance of mindset and personal awareness when it comes to managing parenting challenges. Personal insight and self-development paves the way for easier, more enjoyable parenting. It is her emphasis on mindset and emotional wellbeing that sets Karina's work apart from other parenting professionals. 

Karina Lane

Gentle, Responsive & Realistic

Karina is an advocate for gentle, responsive parenting, that respects the needs of the child along with those of the family. She is a registered facilitator of the Circle of Security parenting program that emphasises the emotional needs of children and how parents can best meet them. 

As a parenting educator, she also facilitates Early Parenting workshops at Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney and is a trained facilitator of the Tuning Into Kids program.  She comes from a strong background in group facilitation and relishes the chance to connect with other mums and dads to talk ‘parenthood.’ She also facilitates parenting workshops in various private settings throughout Sydney.

A Recognised Thought-Leader

Karina has been a regular contributor to various parenting publications, including Essential Baby, Kidspot and Practical Parenting, and is a featured expert on Babyology. She is also the author of Mum Chill (publishing date Sept 2021). 

Karina is committed to informing parents of how much easier life can be when we tune out society’s noise and tune into our child and parenting instincts. She loves to support parents with her passionate yet realistic attitude to raising kids that, while being based on sound research findings, is also cemented by her real-life experience.

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